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Shoreline are UK manufacturers of specialist 12/24 Volt DC Fridges & Freezers for use on Yachts, Cruisers, Canal Boats, Motorhomes, Horseboxes, Trucks & Beach Huts since 1996. Our extensive range of refrigeration appliances offer solutions to individual customer needs. 


'Shoreline is a REFCOM Certificated company (Registration Number REF1010849). Our refrigeration appliances and products are manufactured under a strict ISO9001:2015 quality system by our teams of F-GAS accredited engineers'.


Shoreline undertakes regular performance testing on our product range within our purpose built  temperature controlled test facilities, ensuring maximum performance and high quality finishes throughout our products. Individual unit test procedures and process sign offs are maintained during the production process.

 Shoreline (UK) Ltd have had a long standing relationship since 1996 with the market leaders of DC compressors. Working in partnership with Danfoss with direct supply from their factory facilities, Shoreline are at the forefront of developments within the 12/24 DC compressor industry. Proudly undertaking product testings and development before the 2019 launch of the latest generation high efficiency compressors on the market.

'The new Danfoss BD35K motor compressor is high in efficiency, low in energy consumption and most importantly they are eco-friendly to the environment. Utilizing the latest generation of R600a refrigerants'.


The use of R600a presents a lot of advantages, such as an extremely low Ozone depletion potential, great compatibility with all kinds of components, fantastic thermodynamic properties, a very high level of energy efficiency and zero contribution to global warming. This makes R600a a great ecological alternative for those people who are conscious of manufacturing environmental impacts and are looking for a clean refrigerant.



Within our specialist refrigeration knowledge base we are also able to offer our products to operate on a wide range of differing supply Voltages & Frequencies, this includes 110-120 Volt AC, 220-240 Volt AC, 50 or 60 Hz. Please contact us with your requirements - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.